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the power to

create a better workplace

Do more to help your employees take
the next step to financial wellness

An evolution in the making

Retirement & Benefit Plan Services is now branded Bank of America. As we modernize and simplify our branding across the company, we are making it easier for you and your employees to access our full range of services.

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Financial benefits designed
to be people benefits

When employees live their best financial lives, it shows in the workplace. Our employee benefits programs are designed to help people do and achieve more toward their financial goals. We take a holistic approach to integrated benefits and address people wherever they are, so financial benefits are personal and financial wellness actionable.

Integrated solutions for the workplace

We design our comprehensive employee benefits programs around the organizations and people we serve.

Commitment to service excellence

Our clients come first. See how our experienced team has been recognized for delivering for you and your employees.

Insights that matter

Employees value financial wellness programs. Read our Workplace Benefits Report to learn ways to make these programs more effective.

Focus on financial wellness

See how we can help your employees prioritize and take action toward their goals.

See how Retirement & Benefit Plan Services can expand the possibilities of your employee benefit solutions.
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