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What are your employees' priorities?
Retirement pursuits — at your leisure

Life Priorities - Leisure

Whether a person's leisure pursuits are mental or physical, restful, playful, or vigorously active, leisure plays a prominent role in life and takes on new meaning as your employees plan for retirement. Helping people better understand what their life will be like from a leisure standpoint once they retire is important to helping them visualize their goals and create action plans specific to them.

Watch a brief video about how individuals' are spending their leisure time.

What's on your employees' minds:

  1. How should I financially plan for my vacation days?
  2. What does leisure in retirement look like for me?
  3. If I need to continue working in retirement, how do I balance work and leisure?

Actions employers can take to help:

  • Support employees as they strive to reach a more satisfying work/life balance. Employers can have happier and more productive workers, including experienced employees who may provide them with valuable intellectual capital for a longer period.
  • Talk with your Bank of America Merrill Lynch representative about the needs of your workforce and how a Financial Wellness program can help address questions they may have about planning for their leisure goals and their other priorities.
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