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What are your employees' priorities?
Our homes:
making the right move

Life Priorities

There is no place like home, and many of us enjoy spending time there with family and friends. Wherever employees call home now, when it comes to getting ready for retirement, they will have decisions to face: stay, move, renovate? Own or rent? Smaller, larger, closer to family, closer to health care?

Watch a brief video about Home through the lens of individuals and read below about some actions you can take to help your employees.

What's on your employees' minds:

  1. Should I buy or rent my first home?
  2. How can I use my home equity to its fullest potential?
  3. What financing options do I have for my renovation project?

Actions employers can take to help:

  • Talk with your Bank of America Merrill Lynch representative about the needs of your workforce and how a Financial Wellness program can help address questions they may have about their homes and their other priorities.
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