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What are your employees' priorities?
A new world of demands

Life Priorities - Family

Families can be our greatest source of joy, but there are often complex relationship and financial issues to be faced in every stage of life. Research shows that demands stemming from families and family relationships are growing and people are not prepared.

Watch a brief video about the challenge of family expenses as told by individuals.

What's on your employees' minds:

  1. How can I start a conversation with my parents about their eldercare needs?
  2. What strategies should I consider to help pay for my child's college education?
  3. How can I encourage financial responsibility with my children without micromanaging?

Actions employers can take to help:

  • Employees need a solid foundation. Our basic education resources can offer a smart start for new employees and renewed confidence to those with evolving family issues.
  • Talk with your Bank of America Merrill Lynch representative about the needs of your workforce and how a Financial Wellness program can help address questions they may have about their changing family needs and their other priorities.
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