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Integrated Solutions

Helping your employees understand their full financial lives

Our employee benefits programs are designed to make financial wellness a way of life by helping you educate, guide and support your employees in and beyond the workplace. Whether they’re managing their day-to-day budget, taking care of family or saving for retirement, they can find it here as one provider that can integrate their full financial picture.

When your employees live their best financial lives, it shows in your workplace

At Bank of America, we never forget that financial benefits are people benefits, with finances connected to all areas of life. Our holistic approach supports your employees as people first, keeping their needs front and center as we help them take their next best steps in their personal financial wellness journey.

For where you are and where you’re going

We design our comprehensive employee benefits programs around the organizations and people we serve. No matter the size of your company or how priorities may change, we can help you and your employees meet your goals. Our benefits solutions are designed to fit your evolving needs, from stand-alone plans to a full set of integrated services.

The value of a total benefits offering

Working with one trusted provider saves you time, simplifies administration and helps you deliver a better benefits experience to your employees. When they see all their benefits and programs in one place, it makes it easier for them to engage. Explore our full range of solutions below:

Full range of integrated solutions
See how Retirement & Benefit Plan Services can expand the possibilities of your employee benefit solutions.
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