Health Accounts
-Helping employees plan for a healthy tomorrow

In today’s rapidly shifting health care landscape, you need a provider that makes it easier for you to manage your health accounts program, tackle rising costs and help your employees understand their health care responsibilities. When you work with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, your organization will have a broad selection of innovative health benefit solutions to help meet your overall needs. Our suite of health accounts, including our health savings account program HSA for Life®, offers your employees an effective, tax-advantaged opportunity to save for health care costs now and well into retirement.

Consider the benefits of choosing Bank of America health accounts

For Your Organization

  • An easy, integrated approach to delivering health benefits within an innovative service delivery model.
  • One-to-one attention and disciplined program management from a dedicated team.
  • Vital measurement, reporting and thought leadership to guide your decision-making, within a flexible service offering as your needs change.

For Your Employees

  • A holistic approach to helping them improve their overall financial wellness.
  • Responsive education and tools to help them plan for health care costs as part of their retirement readiness.
  • Multiple communication channels with both human and online interactions, helping your employees better understand the actions they need to take.

A relentless focus on financial wellness

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, our purpose is clear: all of our strategic efforts revolve around helping your employees pursue financial wellness. We spend each day encouraging individuals to make informed, positive decisions, especially when it comes to their health care. Our mission is to deliver value, continually innovate our service offering and to provide a positive experience that will encourage your employees to maximize this opportunity while reaching your plan goals.

Insights informed by experience

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we believe it’s important to put a primary focus on education and engagement, working to ensure that your employees fully understand their health accounts and recognize how those benefits fit within their total financial picture. We know that today’s dynamic health care environment can be challenging, requiring people to be more actively involved in their health care decisions. Our education-centric approach is designed to improve their confidence and health care decision-making throughout their life journey, including making optimal use of their health savings accounts.

When you think about living expenses in retirement, health care is a wild card, and people are concerned about it. This is a topic that needs to be included in overall employee education about finances and retirement.

- Lorna Sabbia, Managing
Director, Head of Retirement
and Personal Wealth Solutions

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1 PwC Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey, 2017