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Equity Compensation Plan Services

Keep the focus on your company's greatest asset — your employees.

Designing and administering equity compensation plans is a challenge for many companies. While offering a plan helps you create an ownership culture, managing that plan requires a strong partner. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we understand your need for a total equity compensation plan that creates value for your company and its employees. We know the stakes are high — and we have the expertise, experience and resources to deliver a successful program.

As a plan sponsor, you may be looking for:

  • A partner who thoroughly understands your plan and provides both comprehensive administrative solutions and accurate recordkeeping to fit your needs.
  • World-class technology — complimented by a JD Powers Award Winning Call Center — available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • An executive services experience led by dedicated Bank of America Merrill Lynch Advisors specializing in the unique needs of your executive population.
  • A comprehensive rewards experience, with a single point of contact for all your benefit plan needs: stock, defined contribution, defined benefit, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans, and health savings solutions.

Your employees are looking for:

  • A high-touch service experience that humanizes and compliments the technology
  • A resource to help them fully understand the benefit of their awards
  • A unified view of their overall financial picture
  • Ability to access information and make transactions THEIR way — online, through an experienced Advisor, over the phone or in-person

We believe that no company is better equipped than Bank of America Merrill Lynch to help you attract, retain and reward your employees, to give you truly customized solutions and integrated products and services that allow you and your employees to leverage and experience the value of a total equity compensation plan. There's a reason we're a leader in the Stock Plan and Benefits Industry and the largest Wealth Management firm in the United States — we're committed to understanding and meeting your specific needs.

We can support you and your employees with virtually every type of plan and equity award. Key employee awards we administer include:

  • Nonqualified and Incentive Stock Options
  • Performance Shares and Units
  • Restricted Stock and Units
  • Dividend Equivalent Units
  • Stock Appreciation Rights
  • Employee Stock Purchase

Employee Experience

Online Access Home Page:

Mobile Capabilities:


General inquiry information including:

  • Individual grant details and summary
  • Account balances
  • Important account alerts
  • Log on access to full site

Executive Services

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has the knowledge and experience to assist corporate executives and directors in managing their company stock holdings and help ensure compliance with internal and regulatory procedures. Whether you need help with complex, SEC rule compliance, issuer's ownership guidelines or overall wealth management, you'll be assisted by our expert, dedicated Advisors — not a call center.

  • Leading provider of 10b-5-1 Plans in the Industry
  • Firm with more than 1700 equity professionals fulfilling 11% of the world's order flow
  • Provides a personalized stock plan analysis

Flexible Level of Service to Fit your Company's needs:


Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Equity Award Services are best suited for plans with a minimum of 250 participants and $50 million in the money grant value.
49% of participants want to save and invest more for retirement.
June 2013 Employee Workplace Benefits Report

AwardChoice Financial ReportingTM

Since 2006, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has delivered an industry-leading ASC 718 compliance solution to our full-service equity plan administration clients. Our AwardChoice® platform offers AwardChoice Financial ReportingTM — a web-based, seamless, end-to-end solution — and access to our team of Financial Reporting Specialists.

  • Provides a controlled, yet flexible reporting environment.
  • Meets the unique needs of each functional group within your corporate accounting, SEC reporting and tax organizations.
  • Lets users run reports on demand, generating financial calculations using the clients' underlying equity plan data to help ensure accurate and timely reporting.
  • Provides robust reporting around assumption derivation and valuation calculations along with a full suite of compensation expense and financial reports — including deferred tax, earnings per share, disclosure, and proxy reports
  • Offers an integrated forecasting module with a rigorous, automated forecasting solution built upon the same calculation methodologies that drive the actual reporting performed in the system — resulting in consistent and transparent expense and earnings-per-share projections.

Our AwardChoice Financial Reporting and Financial Reporting Specialist group stay ahead of an evolving industry landscape while remaining focused on improving your ASC 718 compliance process. You'll benefit from accurate, transparent and consumable financial reports that increase the accuracy and efficiency of your equity award financial reporting while mitigating your risk.

To learn more about our AwardChoice Financial Reporting solutions click here.


AwardChoice Financial ReportingTM services are provided by Equity Analytics, LLC an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of BAC.


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